PDF/Lead Magnet Production




What is a lead magnet?

Good question – a lead magnet is a piece of digital content, which is downloadable and offered “free”, often in return for signing up to a mailing list.

Why offer something for free?

By offering value for free, you not only get more people on your mailing list, which helps to grow your marketing list and ergo grow your business, you also build your reputation as an expert in your field. Being seen as an expert increases the number of leads you will get, and in turn will make you more profit.

Do you write the copy?

No, I don’t, BUT, what I can do is look at your content on social and your blog, and turn this into an eye catching piece of downloadable content which people will value and trust. It important your copy offers just the right amount of value, Too much and you are giving away stuff people would pay you for, and too little and people won’t be inclined to sign up for further help, advice or support (or whatever it is you are selling).

Previous Work

Robin Bates of Coaching for Geeks needed PDFs for an event, to drive traffic to his website and collect email addresses for his list.

I worked with Robin to produce something using his brand guidelines which gave value to those signing up to his email list.

What do you get?

With this product, you get 2, 4 page lead magnets, designed to incorporate your branding, with call to actions which will lead people to then seek you out and BUY. Maybe not straight away, but when they need what you are selling, they will remember you because you

  1. Gave them value and
  2. You have been using your mailing list to market to them regularly

The cost for this is just £47. How many sales do you need to make to cover that?

My guess?

Not many!

So, dive in, lets get your lead magnet set up and working for you.